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Handscraped & Distressed Hardwood Floors

If you love the look of hardwood floors with a lot of character markings then you may want to consider the handscraped hardwood floors. In the US, the handscraped wood look (also called hand sculptured) has become a popular choice among homeowners wanting hardwood floors with the look of an old reclaimed wood floor but with today's finest finishes. Although higher in price these floors look stunning and give the appearance of a hardwood floor that has a lot of character.

handscraped hardwood floor

Handscraped hardwood floors are offered in both solid and engineered construction depending on the manufacturer. If your room is above grade and has a wooden type sub-floor then you can use either solid or engineered handscraped hardwood floor. If humidity is a concern, or if your room is on a concrete slab then you must use an engineered wood floor. Either way you will not be disappointed with the handscraped hardwood flooring brands.

Besides handscraped hardwood floors some manufacturers offer distressed hardwood floors (also called machine scraped) The distressed wood floors differ in that the markings in the face are done by a machine, like a wire brush, while handscraped hardwood planks are created by hand with wood scraping tools. Although handscraping is more costly to do, each plank should have a more unique appearance over a machine scraped plank. Regardless of which one you choose, both handscraped and machine scraped hardwood flooring should add a rich, elegant appearance to any room.

Handscraped & Distressed Hardwood Floors